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How to Find Information on Internet Mental Health

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Booklets on Mental Health

We've had many requests for booklets on mental health topics. However, we do not have printed booklets to send out. Our booklets are available online on our Booklets page.

There are also other organizations that have excellent booklets online:

You can also purchase bulk copies of booklets from some of these organizations. See the individual web sites for more information.

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Help for Patients, Friends, or Family Members

We have a Schizophrenia Peer Counsellor who will answer questions on Schizophrenia.

Otherwise, we are not able to offer specific advice or answer questions on treatment or medications. This should be done by your own mental health professional or doctor.

We also cannot recommend mental health professionals, treatment facilities, and other resources. You should check the mental health resources available in your community.

Our Resources for Help page has:

You can also try the following:

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Helping Students with Projects

We've had many e-mails from students asking for help with assignments and projects.

Please note that we cannot respond individually to these requests. We cannot provide any additional information than what we already have on our web site.

You should use the suggestions listed on our Help pages to find the information that you need.

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If You Don't Find What You're Looking For

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Technical Problems

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